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  1. I thought I’d have to read a book for a discovery like this!

    Comment by http://www.rab-jeric.com/ — 2016-05-01 2:24 #

  2. Hedges on the Gaza Massacre“Chris Hedges speech at the protest Gaza Massacre. Chris was the former Middle East Bureau Chief for New York Times. He now speaks and writes against fascism/war.”

    Comment by http://www.soulduster.com/ — 2016-05-13 3:32 #

  3. Good stuff!Though I think you meant “cubicle” Great point about keeping in mind what is it you’re trying to inspire on others. Sometimes content becomes self-congratulatory or cathartic for the writer, but writing for the audience is the ultimate goal.-Rich Polanco

    Comment by http://www.goupbd.com/ — 2016-06-25 16:10 #

  4. necesito saber que requisitos hay que cumplir para colgar un libro en amazonMe explico:entre en las paginas de amazon y me piden el ISBN ¿AMAZON me lo puede tramitar?Yo solo quiero colgar el libro de amazon para que se pueda leer o bien digitalmente o imprimiendolo a traves de impresora. Lo tengo escrito en Word tipo de Letra New Times Roman tamaño 12.¿pueden decirrme que tengo que hacer ?Gracias

    Comment by http://www.thpro8.com/ — 2016-07-08 16:17 #

  5. I so enjoyed both this and Going Solo! I’m glad to hear you liked this one too. I quite like his work for adults, but I can see why not everyone would. The black humour he has going even in his children’s stories is even more noticeable, and some of it can be quite…macabre

    Comment by http://howtosave.liquorisquicker.net/tata_air_car.xml — 2016-07-20 17:11 #

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