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11 april 2010 8:55 | Allmänt, Bilder, Formgivning och arkitektur, Lyssnar på | 4 kommentarer

Naturligtvis har den här skivan spelats ofta här hemma, men på CD. På vinyl växte jag upp med den, men det var min systers skiva. Nu hittade jag den på Pepparkaksfabriken i Norrskedika. De har massor av vinyl! Visst blir man glad av konvolutet?

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  1. Underbar skiva.

    Comment by randiga tråden — 2010-04-12 18:38 #

  2. I think my favorite part about this podcast is how Lewis untdrseands that a woman/ people need flowers for more than just mothers day. They really hit it on the head with the spotting a mom campaign. We often complain to our loved ones that we shouldn’t just be treated special on a holiday. Whether its valentines, mothers day, etc. They get my vote! Someone bottle this theory and pass it onto my husband pleaseeeee.

    Comment by Patsy — 2016-05-13 9:39 #

  3. I agree completely, Larry.Given the advances in battery technology (which is coming more from the hand-held electronic side, as opposed to the car side), the fall of natural gas prices, and improvements in energy efficiency, I think oil's days as the primary energy source in America are numbered. Even big oil companies are seeing this trend (as evidenced by their increased investment in natural gas and other alternative energies).

    Comment by — 2016-07-20 17:13 #

  4. i had sprained my knee and he gaved me a brace for a week and every time i play sports i feel my knee dislocate and it hurts as much as it did the first time i sprained my knee.. its been like 3 years and i still cant play like i use to because it keeps happening to me.. what should i do?? why wont it heal? any suggestions??

    Comment by — 2017-02-26 17:47 #

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